just for FUN, no REALLY

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Silicon Valley Cutthroat

If one only spends time on Hacker News, or other startup-oriented news sites, they might believe that everyone is working on their next multi-million-dollar startup and/or exit strategy. It may be hard to imagine that people work on open source purely for the fun of it.

There are hackers—believe it or not—who just love the art of building software. They do it for the challenge, for the fun of it. They aren't trying to make a million dollars.

Consumer Culture

Or, if one is used to consuming other projects only, and rarely creating one, they might get stuck in a mindset of thinking "what can this project do for me?" (And if the project isn't relevant to them, they wonder why it exists.)

There are hackers who don't care if you consume their project. Of course, they would love it if others enjoyed/admired/appreciated their work, but that's not strictly necessary. It's just fun to create.

We do it for the fun of it. No, really.

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